Not quite yet 50, still a few years ahead, where am I going, what is my goal?  All left to chance of life? The long journey has finally reached one of many destinations – Margate, a beautiful seaside town in Southeast England.  A dream comes true. 

Up town, away from the bustle from the sea front, is this medium sized and beautifully created modern restaurant/café/bar. Just waiting for a few pairs of creative hands to re-open, warm-heartedly with a great selection of English Breakfasts, Continental dishes, Cheese dishes, Fish, Deserts, Ice-cream etc. We are all familiar with these dishes, but how about presenting and serving them with a twist? We want to create a cosy and friendly atmosphere. This concept will be continued with further developments in the pipeline. Margate is rapidly growing, boasting the presence of The Turner Gallery, The Old Kent Market and Dreamland among others. Especially in the Centre with pop up shops, farmers, markets, art and so much more on its way. All remaining on local as well as international level.  Anything is possible, with creativity, diligence, durability and quality. Let the new journey begin.


A town harbour means to me seafood, continental food, music and entertainment, local art and history. Encouraging and promoting local businesses, bringing people from all over together. 

We are all sales people, question remaining, who is our audience? We need to be able to listen attentively, we need to adapt to the environment and to you, we need not only to be an optimists but also realists. We all have our opinions, but expressing them at the right time and to the right extent is the art. As a company manager, host, and knowledge giver all in one. Just ask Annie!

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11 Sandhurst Road, Margate Kent CT9 3HR

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